Dec 28, 2010

RNG Reporter and the Quest for Shiny Pokemon Eggs

Alright, I'll write a guide to obtaining an egg with a shiny Pokemon inside(works 100% of the time if done correctly)
 RNG Reporter is a program that gives a user directions that, if followed correctly, will result in a Shiny Pokemon.
The secret ID can only be obtained by using an AR (so you'll have to get someone to help you out with that).
Things you will need:
  • Pokemon Platinum, Pearl, or Diamond
  • (RNG Reporter)
  • Poketech apps #6 (Happiness Checker) and #15 (Coin Toss)
  • Patience
  • Area where level 50 Pokemon are
Using RNG Reporter:
  1. Download the files from the website above
  2. Extract the files
  3. Open up the program
  4. You will notice a drop down menu titled Method. If you are using normal (non foreign Pokemon) choose DPPt Egg PID (normal)
  5. Next you should enter your Trainer ID(from your trainer card) and your SID (from the AR)
  6. Also click the Shiny Only box
  7. Next click Seed Finder
  8. Now click on the Find Seeds by Stats tab
  9. Enter the current date
  10. Now leave it open and follow the guide below
The Process:
  1. To start you will need to sync your DS clock to an external clock (to the exact minute)
  2. Now that you have done that start your game and go to the area with the level 50+ Pokemon and set your Poketech to app #5 (as well as making sure you only have 5 Pokemon) and save your game.
  3. Next you must turn on your game.
  4. Record the time that you hit "Continue" in the boxes in RNG Reporter that are labeled "hours" and "minutes"
  5. Now that you have done this, run around in the grass and catch the first Pokemon you see (If it faints or is lower than level 45, reset your game and repeat steps 3 and 4)
  6. Go to the Pokemon you have caught in your Party Pokemon and record its stats in RNG Reporter.
  7. Once you have double checked your findings and the DPPt circle is clicked, click find.
  8. After this a box will appear in the gray area with numbers. Click this box and it will automatically go to the original RNG Reporter window.
  9. Next click Generate.
  10. Then click on one of the boxes that appeared.
  11. You will notice Taps and Flips
  12. You must do the taps first by going to the app number 6 
  13. Remember Double Tapping equals One Tap
  14. Once you have finished that you must go to app number 15 and do the coin flips.
  15. Once you are sure you have done everything right, fly to the Pokemon daycare
  16. Enter the two Pokemon you want to breed (It's alright if you use the PC at this time)
  17. Ride around until the Old Man as an egg for you
  18. Hatch the Egg
  19. CONGRATS!!!! You have a Shiny Baby Pokemon!
  20. Enjoy!
Some Hints and Tips:
  • You should have a Pokemon that has the ability "Hot Body" (this cuts the amount of steps it takes to hatch a Pokemon in half).
  • You should try to get a foreign ditto (this allows less taps and coin flips).
  • You should try to have the two parent Pokemon on you whilst doing the process (to save time and prevent error).
  • You should have a Pokemon that knows fly.
  • You should have at least 50 Ultra and Dusk balls.
  • Try not to be to distracted while doing this (the number of taps and flips is important).

If there are any questions please let me know so I can help.
(This is all from memory from when I used to do it and a little Googling)
Here's a nice picture from a poster over at the Serebii forums:


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  5. Sorry bro, you can't get Shiny Pokemon in Red Version. I believe it's only Generation 3+

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