Dec 9, 2011

Something to Think About

So, I started this blog up back in 2010 and pretty much stopped using it around January 2011.
This blog, to me, was just a winter break activity. And that's probably what it's always going to be.
Today I accidentally stumbled upon it and it brought back so many memories of playing Pokemon and such.

It did bring up regret as well....

In January 2011, this blog wasn't the only thing I stopped doing....

I haven't played Pokemon in almost a year.. I haven't even thought about it in almost a year..

This brings up an interesting predicament that I, unfortunately, have had a first-hand experience with.
This predicament:

As people get older, they tend to stop living life.
They focus more on working hard in school or making money working long hours.
They tend to forget about the joys of their youths, where they could play games all day whilst shooting hoops with the neighborhood kids.

Hell, I remember playing outside from 12PM- 9PM and playing video games from 9PM-12AM.
To me, this was the life...
But now:
It's school from 8AM-6PM and homework from 7PM-12AM

As life progresses, people forget... forget about the true nature of life..

Just a thought to ponder about...

I didn't even notice that red, white, and blue array.