Feb 16, 2013

Funny ScreenShots From Pokemon (Part 1)

So, as many of you guys know, I've been watching the Original Series of Pokemon. Well, as I'm going through the episodes, I've been noticing little subtleties and the like that are pretty funny. Since, I'm watching all of the episode on my computer, what better way to share them than to screen shot most of them. Here's part 1, ENJOY!

First up is Meowth trying to look "convincing", to say the least. He's trying to get Team Rocket to help out a Paras evolve so its trainer can love Meowth by promising them millions and trillions.


This next one is from Showdown at Dark City. Now I know what you're going to say; "the funny part about that episode was Tom Ato, Ann Chovy, and Ceasar Salad." Well, hate to break it to you, but, it wasn't... Now for the picture. It's Pikachu holding up his favorite ketchup bottle ever. Wait, what's that... it has a rip?! That freaking Scyther ripped it, and tears soon followed. On a side note; Scyther ripped a freaking ketchup bottle.

This next one is from Bulbasaur's Mysterious Garden. Bulbasaur has been taken by his fellow Bulbasaur to a ritual to evolve in the middle of the night. However, Bulbasaur does not want to evolve and tells Pikachu to get Ash. Here's Pikachu's attempt at imitating Bulbasaur:

For the last one, here's one of the funniest subtleties I've seen so far.
This is from the episode Princess vs. Princess. Now, you might not get it right away, so here's a little background info: this episode revolves around appreciating the females of the Pokemon world. In this episode, all the females get to eat free, shop for cheap clothes, and boss the males around. Now notice the sign in the background from one of the initial scenes. huehue, amiright?


 That's it for now. I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did!

Feb 12, 2013

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

So, I'm totally swamped with coursework and studying for tests and typical junk, and like the good student I am, I find myself reminiscing about Kingdom Hearts. So, why not make a post about one of my all time favorite series!

Kingdom Hearts 
has a very special place in my heart (hehe, see what I did there?). 
However, unlike the typical way of playing any major series of games (in order), 
I played them in an unusual order, 
to say the least.

I was first introduced                                 to the series when my 
sister begged and pleaded with my                 father to buy her Kingdom Hearts: 
Chain of Memories as well as the latest Game Boy Advance SP (in a classy red). 
After she had gotten the game and spent countless hours (like 30) 
beating it, she, after more tantrums than 
I am willing to admit, let 
me play

I started it up and was instantly                                    amazed by it, the card system 
was so intriguing to me at the time and                    the general story line was pretty rad 
(though I was young, I actually read the dial                ogue). After finally beating the game and 
Marluxia and his freaking flower ro           bot thing, I was overwhelmed with 
happiness and sadness that the   game was over. But, hold up, 
what's this? YOU CAN PLAY AS RIKU!! You may not 
know this but Riku is one of my favorite characters of 
all time. Hell, I even use Riku as the prefix 
to most (read: all) of my usernames 
online. Playing through the story 
line as Riku was just as 
fun playing it as 

Now, I don't remember                                                         much from the game save 
for the stuff mentioned above. You may                          be wondering why I'm writing about a 
game that is nearly 8 years old, well, I ju          st so happened to stumble upon the game. 
I blew into the bottom of it and was o      bviously greeted with dust in my face 
and fired up the old GBA:SP an d started one of the saved games. 
I, slowly remembering how the card system worked, lost my 
first battle against some high leveled Heartless and 
explored a bit before deciding it was time 
to act like an actual good 
student and finish my 

This game will forever be remembered as the game that started it all. It made me appreciate the dedication that any group of individuals put into making a truly amazing game that players would actually enjoy (and make a lot of money off of it). And it also introduced me to one of my favorite series of all time.

Well, that's it for now, I'll probably be making some posts about KH1 and KH2 in the near, distant future!
Marluxia and his "flower robot thing"
 I hope you guys aren't too mad about the whole formatting thing (or totally OCDed at the fact that the hearts are not symmetric), if you are, remember two things: It took me forever to do it and, the most important thing, this here blog is MY blog! 
Ha, have a good one!

Feb 4, 2013

Portal 2

I know it's a bit late for a post about Portal 2, but I was just reminiscing back to when I played it (at the beginning of last December) and thought it deserved a post! Note: CONTAINS SPOILERS


I was first introduced to Portal back when Steam was giving it away for free. Heck, the only reason why I have a steam account right now is due to that promotion. Anyways, when Portal 2 came out back in April of 2011, I really wanted to play it. However, one small problem arose: I'm a University student. Now I know that the only reasons kids are supposed to go to college are to be lazy and play video games all day, but I couldn't do that. As much as I dislike uni, I had to keep my grades up and study. However, there exists this special time of year called winter and during this winter, University students get WINTER BREAK!!

During Winter Break, I acquired Portal 2 and beat it within 8 hours. Yeah, I know, it took me forever, but I had other things going on. Anyways, here are my thoughts about it:

Portal 2 is an amazing game; it's funny, it's somewhat of a challenge, and you feel good beating it. However, there's no real replay value unless you play the multiplayer campaign.


I especially loved Wheatley at the beginning and genuinely felt bad when he got all power hungry.


 I, also, started to like GLaDOS, especially when she got turned into a potato. The dialogue throughout the entire game was golden; from Wheatley to Cave Johnson, it was all so funny.

If you haven't picked up Portal 2, and you aren't bummed out by the spoilers in this post, do so!!
It's an amazingly hilarious game and you won't regret it!