Jan 5, 2011

Love Through Cannibalism

I know I said my next post would be about my adventures with the Pokemon League but RatsRunThisTown's Comment got me thinking about LTC. So!!! Here's a post about LTC!!!

Alright first things first:

When I first learned of Love Through Cannibalism's existence, I was a little hesitant to look in to him. But when I finally journeyed over to his last.fm page (Love Through Cannibalism) I immediately fell in love with what I saw.

What first got my attention was obviously his picture. It was a man with a freaking Metapod head. We all know Metapod is the best Pokemon in existence, so this was simply amazing!

Anyways after this I decided to check out his work. I scrolled down to his album and what I saw was even better: an album titled Metapodestroyer. I immediately wanted it so I downloaded it (it was free).

His creation is simply amazing, the use of actual music from the old school Pokemon games and the occasional breakcore style tunes were a plus.

Over all LTC makes brilliant music and I would recommend anyone to check his music out.

You Know This is AMAZING!!

Here's The Track List:
(Download link is on the LTC Last.fm page)
Loading Metapod Unlimited Apocalyptical System
Sorry You’re Not A Metapod
Metapod Set Cinnabar Island On Fire
Metapod Used Hyper Beam
Fear And Loathing In Viridian Forest
Worship Of A Cocoon
Hard As A Metapod
Metapod Used Harden
Metapod Vs Gyarados
A Winner Is Metapod
Proud To Be Metapod
Metapod Is Reloading
A Calculated Use Of String Shot
Metapod Met A Pod
MissingNo. Vs Metapod
Metapod Is Not Evolving

Check out the labels for the actual tags associated with LTC's music.


  1. Will check it out although the name is creepy!

  2. I'm having trouble listening to the music but the names for the songs are just...wow. I don't even know what to say. haha

  3. Well,well,well. I have to admit that it is quit awesome to make actual music out of Pokemon, but I don't like it though. Sry just not my type.

  4. The song titles, his last fm picture, the fact that all his stuff is free, and of course the music itself. I absolutely love this guy! Thanks for the introduction to him.

  5. Metapod Met A Pod is my favorite.