Dec 24, 2010

Pokemon Platinum

Alright, I'll admit it: that "First Post" was useless. What about this?

Well, I bought Pokemon Platinum sometime during the summer two years ago. I mainly bought it because I had never played any DS Pokemon games and all my hardcore Pokemon friends had this game. So I caved in and dished out 40 bucks and bought this game.

My first run through this game mainly involved me being astonished at the awesome graphics and the new Pokemon and such. After about 30 hours or so I ended up beating the Elite Four and thought that I had beaten the entire game already. Turns out, I did not. I ended up playing for an additional 200 hours and had so much fun throughout it all.

Sadly, a couple of months later, one of my buddies traded me a Pokemon he said he had "created" using some Pokemon edit tool. I, stupidly, said I would take it and test it's legitimacy. Turns out it was glitched. It was just an empty spot in my team that could not be removed. Frustrated, I ended up restarting the game. This all took place last summer and I forgot about it.

Recently, however, I started playing this game again and I instantly remembered how much I loved this game.
I look forward to beating this game and hunting out shiny Pokemon and such.


  1. I absolutely loved this game, played it for hours.
    My gf still plays this :)

  2. Hey dude this is a much better post! A good way to dedicate content to your blog. I enjoyed this review, and man 200 hours is one hell of a long game play!

  3. cool, i also have wasted a lot of time on that one

  4. Thanks for the info, I will be sure not to fall for that glitched Pokemon trick.

  5. That sucks but at least you know how to do everything now. One of my friends has every shiny pokemon on diamond!

  6. The newest pokemon game I played was from the 2. generation I think xD

  7. a true classic, you've inspired me to replay it :)