Jan 29, 2013

Pokemon Facts and Trivia!

Hello everyone,

Like the typical student, I find my self wasting time looking up random (and useless) facts about the original Pokemon series. Here are some of my favorites thus far:

mee.la/money1Missingno, the infamous mystery Pokemon, first appeared in Red and Blue. If you did a certain cheat, he appeared near Cinnabar Island. He looked like some messes up sprite, and you could catch him. He learned water gun (He could learn it twice, and have two at the same time!) and fly. If he leveled up, he evolved into Kangaskan. This and the fact he appeared as a baby Kangaskan (the thing used for the move substitute) in Pokemon Stadium, many believed he was planned to be a baby form of Kangaskan, but was taken out. Others believed he was supposed to be a Flamingo, since he learned water and flying attacks.

I always admired Missingno but never had the guts to try to catch him let alone level him up.

This next one made me feel bad:

mee.la/money1Remember that scientist in the Mewtwo movie, the one who says "We tried to clone the ultimate Pokemon, and we succeeded. Well, he actually had a back story to him. He wanted to clone his dead daughter, Amber, so he joined up with TR to get the money and help with Mewtwo cloning, hoping he could use it for his daughter. His daughter was friends with little Mewtwo, as well as some clones of Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander. The other clones expired, making Mewtwo sad and probably was one of the main points of his madness.

mee.la/money1A large chunk of the remaining trivia involves the censoring and banning of many English dubbed episodes due to events such as 9/11 and due to hints of racial stereotyping (ie Jynx).
Some episodes that were banned include:

The Legend of Dratini

All That's is Bright and Beautifly!
Holiday Hi-Jynx
Tower of Terror


Tentacruel and Tentacool

Too bad these Pokemon didn't get the appreciation they deserved.
Well until next time, have an awesome day!!

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  1. Those are some interesting little known facts about Pokemon. I guess people take Pokemon very seriously to ban certain episodes. I remember episodes of Mighty Mouse, where Mighty Mouse was portrayed as snorting cocaine, made it to air, because nobody was really paying attention.

  2. I just found my old Game Boy Color in a cupboard. Fired that baby up with some AA batteries and guess what. It still worked! Time to blow the dust out of my Pokemon carts and revisit those days. :)