Jan 1, 2013


Giratina is seen as the protector of the distortion world (the regular world's counterpart). The distortion world is needed in order to keep a balance in the Pokemon world.
I guess you're wondering why I'm making a post about Giratina.

Well this is why:
As you all already know in my first run through of the game I dedicated about 250 hours to beating the main story and catching a whole lot of Pokemon as well as having my collector's phase (with the shinnies and event Pokemon). Well these hours were only the recorded number of hours. What I mean by this is that I dedicated a lot of my time doing stuff "over." There exists a method to Soft Reset your game. Soft Resetting is pretty much a reset of the game without having to turn off the DS. One can soft reset by pressing L+R+Start+Select.

Okay back to Giratina. When I first saw the shiny form of Giratina I was  instantly determined to obtain it. I didn't want to accept any hacked or cloned shiny Giratinas so I was going to use the soft resetting method to randomly get it. The odds for getting a shiny pokemon naturally, however, is 1 in 8150. So I soft resetted about 8200 times and no shiny.

I was instantly discouraged after hours of soft resetting and decided that I would do it one more time.
So I did.
And what appeared was simply amazing. The dark transition into the battle, the energetic music, and most importantly, the normal colored Giratina. The battle was ON!! I accidentally killed Giratina though... so I had to turn off the game.

Don't worry though. I didn't really want that to be my last time doing it so I kept going and I finally got it after about another hundred soft resets and it felt great.

Here's Giratina(top) and Shiny Giratina(bottom) in both forms.
(Obviously the bottom one is far more superior)

I'm bringing this up now because I'm at Giratina again and I'm contemplating Soft resetting again...


  1. holy cow that is a lot of effort!

  2. I had a friend that had almost all the pokemons in shiny form. Probably got some of them hacked because it's so time consuming!

  3. I haven't picked up one of the newer Pokemon games in ages. But, this shiny feature has piqued my interest.

  4. For all of that effort, that better be the best pokemon ever.

  5. Did not know there was so much depth in the story.

  6. You accidentally killed Giratina?? Talk about a bummer!